#YesAllWomen: Have you felt unsafe? I have.

Agree so much with this…

Slice in the City

One of the many scary things about Elliot Rodger — who murdered six people to fulfill a deranged vengeance on womankind for not sleeping with him — is that we’ve probably all met someone like him. Not necessarily someone who would commit murder, but someone unstable — someone you know is a little off, and maybe a little dangerous. (Rodger talks in his manifesto about how he can tell his presence makes many people feel uneasy.) Think for a second — have you met someone like this?

I have. In high school, I took a class filled with mostly guys. Because the class was very hands-on, there was as much instruction as working in groups on projects — and unfortunately, I was put into a group with one guy in particular who made me very uneasy.

At first, his behavior seemed innocent enough — he came over and talked to me frequently during…

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