No woman, and I repeat NO WOMAN, should be afraid to dress a certain way or tell a man no. Yes I believe modesty is key but it should also be a choice. If I want to wear cocktail dresses, I shouldn’t be afraid to walk into the supermarket or through a carpark. When I sit in my car waiting on someone, I shouldn’t have to eye down every man passing because they think it’s okay to talk to me in the privacy of my vehicle. I should be able to tell a guy no without being branded a slut. I should be swept off my feet by a man who I choose to start a relationship with instead of being forced into one out of fear. The decision to sleep with a man should be of my own free will and not because “he’ll get angry if I don’t”. If I choose to make a guy my friend, I shouldn’t be insulted because of it and neither should he. Our friendship proves that we’re mature enough to have a co-gender relationship that does not involve physicals. If a man is in an abusive relationship with a woman, he should be able to speak out without being deemed less of a man because of it. Being the abuser rather than the abused doesn’t make him more of a man BTW! There should be no excuse whatsoever for rape. I don’t care how much she turned you on, what clothes she wore, if she wanted to but then changed her mind. FYI fellas, you turn us on too, sometimes the clothes you wear attract us more to you. F**k the double-standard! If you hate the way another man talks to/about your mother/sister/girlfriend/daughter/whoever, bite your tongue the next time you decide to talk that way to a woman.

This sexist battle isn’t about who has the upper hand or who has it worse. It’s about men undermining what we women have had to go through for years; about finding reasons to justify your wrong because it’s more masculine to be wrong and strong than to admit your fault. Newsflash! It isn’t! Sack up men and realize that this double-standard affects you too. To the men who see and realize that women should be treated with respect like actual human beings, aren’t you tired of being called “whipped” by idiots who can’t keep a woman if they tried? To the men who have been abused by women, shouldn’t you be able to go to the police station and report it without being laughed at? To the men who think this whole tread is a joke, wouldn’t you want your daughters to be respected? Wouldn’t you beat the crap out of any man who raises a hand at your sister or mother? Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that there are more respectable men out there than there are douchebags? It begins with you, with us. Parents need to stop raising “men” and “women” and start raising gentlemen and ladies. And men, if you insist that you are “MAN” then start protecting the women of society, rather than hurting them…because a woman made you and without a woman, this society of yours will die.

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  1. Akriti · June 3, 2014



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