Just some Food For Thought…(not actual food though, sorry)

Everyday we live in fear. Fear of life, of dying, of the mystery of tomorrow. Any person who says they are completely fearLESS is a liar, sorry to say so. There is no possible way to be completely rid of fear. “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome.”

In order to overcome something, you need to acknowledge it’s there. You can’t go around pretending it doesn’t exist. Then you’re avoiding it, not overcoming it. Fear makes you uncomfortable but life’s better when you’re uncomfortable. It isn’t boring and you’re actually living. So you’re finding a way to act despite of fear but you have negative criticism surrounding you.

It’s easier to tune out people but it’s almost impossible to tune out yourself. When you’re afraid, you find your biggest critic is yourself. You alone know the level of fear you’re dealing with and you alone could hold that over your head.

Now you can never eliminate fear, don’t ever think that. You can stop the power it has over you. NEVER ever bad talk yourself. If people want to say this, that and the other about you, let them…but don’t ever let those bad things come out from your own mouth. Learn that not all criticism is good criticism. Do not go beating up yourself by every comment you get. Don’t let your fears make you weak. Don’t compare yourself with other people. You don’t know what fears they had to overcome and instead of feeling less about yourself, think that if they can overcome whatever fears they have, so can you. Learn when your mind is saying no and your fear is. Sometimes out of fear, we’re quick to say no. However, don’t confuse fear “no”s with good old common sense and intuition.

Just go out there and don’t let anyone or yourself stop you from fulfilling your dreams and going after your goals.


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