External vs. Internal

“Any person who focuses on what’s outside over what’s inside can just keep walking”.

You’re worth more than what money can buy or what can be wiped off with a tissue. It sounds cliche but it’s so true. What if, we as women, did what guys do to us? I don’t walk around and tell guys, “I prefer you without that extra flab. You’re getting fat”. I don’t say “look at the biceps on that guy, why are you so skinny?” What if we pointed out whenever a guy let himself go for one minute? “Hey, you need to go cut your hair. You don’t look good”. I don’t think they could handle it, to be honest. If I don’t wax on time and that’s a problem, why don’t you go and rip hair off that hairy chest before we start talking. If my hair is a mess, why don’t you start menstruating and then you could have an opinion. If I’m not a size 0, why don’t you stop grabbing my ass every chance you get because sorry sweetheart, if you don’t like a little meat, don’t touch it.

It’s time BOTH genders focus on the internal. Fall in love with the inside. Let their souls attract you. Close your eyes and just FEEL the chemistry. Don’t let vision impair the magic stirring up within. Aged wine is the best. If you look at the old bottles, the year is ancient but when you pop open that bottle and taste the inside, you realise that the dusty label is nothing to be compared with the flawless interior.

We should not only love ourselves for who we truly are, but we should love others for who they truly are. Pop open the bottle and take a sip before deciding it should be thrown in the trash. That’s the only way you’ll know if there’s fine wine inside, or spoilt milk. Close your eyes and open your mind. Eyes are deceiving. Not everything that glitters is gold and that fine piece of ass could be just an ass. Develop an eye that can xray through the outside layers and scan the inside and use that eye to examine yourself and those around you. Looks fade. Sometimes as soon as you take a shower or as soon as you cross 40. The soul, however, does not easily diminish.


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