I Never (take a shot)

Never have I ever kissed a boy…

who made all the pain stop…who grabbed me by my hand

dragged me across the sky and stole my heart

Never have I ever gotten drunk…

to the point where I lost all consciousness

where I wandered so far that I didn’t know where to turn to yet I wasn’t afraid

because I knew exactly who to trust…

Never have I ever gotten high

driven out of my mind and fully absorbed into a state of tranquility;

and for lack of words, happy and at ease like a child

discovering how to laugh at absolutely nothing funny

Never have I ever fell in love…

with a parachute,

or a trampoline at the bottom,

or a vast expanse of water;

something to catch, something to cushion…

Never have I ever done something that I regretted

because I can’t count regrets…

they’d fill jars, boxes, chests and coffins

they’d pack up basements and attics

and fill up storage…

Never have I ever done these things, which means that there’s still chance for a first

which gives hope for the future

for I have already lost many firsts that I should have still kept

although never have I ever met you…at least not yet.

One comment

  1. iku2e · March 8, 2015

    Dreams 🙂

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