April Showers

Ever look at the raindrops on a car window? How most of them look completely still?

Except one…that one that runs down

Colliding with every other drop in its way, pulling them down with it until

Finally. They’ve reached the end. They’ve splattered.

In a thousand tiny droplets, but not like their prior state

No, they’ve changed and now they’re waiting

Waiting on another accelerating drop to crash into them. They wait.

In silence, completely inactive; helpless.

Reminiscent on how they were once further up on the glass

Breeze blowing, trees glistening

The light glaring through with sparkles and just like that

One raindrop changed it all.

Now they’re too small, too tiny, too broken to resist

They wait as drop after drop smash away bits and pieces;

Taking parts with them for souvenirs to cherish

Until there are no more parts

No more bits, no more pieces. Every fragment lost

Scattered away in hundreds of different droplets

Almost as though they were never there. Almost,

As though they didn’t once rest on the black tint one rainy April day.


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