Dream a Little Dream for Me

During our lives we go through stages of ups and downs. Life is literally a rollercoaster. No matter how many times we try to avoid the cliches, we just can’t. Whether it be in your career, your studies, love, health and faith, you will have both good, bad, bearable and “leave me let me sleep” days. There are days when you will feel like your best is not good enough, which makes you think that nothing you do or will ever do will be good enough. When these thoughts stray into your mind, don’t let them linger. Try your best to not let your frustration drive you to despise yourself and who you are. When we cannot control things in our lives the way we wish, we either blame ourselves or blame others. Neither helps. Neither will solve anything… Both will bring so much hurt and pain in your lives that you most definitely have no time to deal with. Try not to be angry at yourself because you took that two hour nap before exam when you could have studied (trust me, you needed it). Try not to beat yourself up because Mr. or Mrs. Right hasn’t shown up yet (try focusing on being the Right You). Things aren’t going your way today? Today might not be your day, but tomorrow holds potential to be…and I’m sure if you sit back and reflect, you’d find at least one second when things did go how you wanted it to, or at least in a way you liked. Be the best you and hope that things fall in place and trust me when I say they will, but if they don’t seem like it now, don’t lose faith, don’t worry and don’t overreact. Just give it time. Even in the hustle and bustle, have patience. Slow and steady won the race. Be the change you wish to be. Happiness is a state of mind, if you choose it.


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