It’s been a while, I know. I’m not even sure how long to be exact.

You know how sometimes you forget how important something is to you. How doing a thing can make you feel because you haven’t done it in a while. And it’s not because you lost interest or that thing isn’t important to you. It is. Just, maybe, not AS important as everything else. You’re a bit too busy to spare the time to do that one thing that makes every bad day a little more bearable. There’s too much on your plate and after a day, or two, a week perhaps, it becomes easier and easier to just not do this thing…and maybe to forget that it was once the very thing that got your heart pumping. It was the one thing that could push aside every minute problem; that when no one else could understand or even you couldn’t find the right way to explain and express how you’re feeling, you’d get lost doing this one thing and the words would just come…or maybe even the silence would be so loud, it would echo your deepest thoughts without the use of a single word.

Life has a way of taking things from you. The present is a busy place to live and if you’re not careful enough, you’d lose your passion, your light and your self. Whether it be writing or painting, singing karaoke or lipsyncing because your own voice scares you, do it. Don’t let life take that from you. You see I believe within every single one of us, there’s a light. A ray powered by hope and love and joy. And nothing you do could keep that light glowing, except that one thing. That one thing that fires you up. That when you pass and see someone else doing it, you can’t help but stop and watch and smile. A bookstore filled to the brim with untold adventures and drama just clawing at you that you can’t pass one by without ducking in for a quick peruse. The faint hum of a piano or guitar while you walk the streets. The echoing voice of a pained poet freestyling on an open mic. A little girl spinning in her yellow dress to some faraway song on repeat in her head. A wall tarnished by the hands of a local street artist painting the cry of his heart. Two men sparring off, gloves in hand , throwing fists as they dream. That thing that stops you in your tracks, that captivates you for hours at a time, leaving you unaware that the clock is even moving, THAT is the only thing that can keep the light within you glowing. And the moment you stop feeding it, the moment you cut off that electricity, like it does in the real world, the light will go out. There are too many people walking around with dark souls because for some unfair reason, their light has been out so long that they can’t even remember that there was once a light within them. And if the light is out, how can you find yourself in the darkness? You can’t. You’d just be bumping around trying to feel your way through, but never really knowing where you’re going.

So turn on the light and keep it burning for as long as you possibly can. I know that there will be days when there’s a shortage of fuel. Use in moderation till you can load up on passion again. Let it shine so the world can see and if that’s too hard, let it shine so only you alone can use it. But no matter what, no matter how bright or how dull that light may be, do not let it ever go out.


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