There is a strange satisfaction in new beginnings; in the hope of a clean slate and a fresh start. The idea that there exists such a thing as a reset button, available to anyone willing and wanting.

This is just an idea, though and one humanity clenches to: the ability to erase 365 days worth of mistakes and bad decisions, the choice to erase twelve months of hurt and pain caused and inflicted; the opportunity to start over, to begin again. An idea that seems so real, so tangible that generations past, present and to come have year after year entrusted their fates and lives in it.

See, there is hope in a new beginning, and even though this may be just an ideal passed down, it seems more like a wish, and how blessed are we that in a world filled with hatred and anger and resentment that the inhabitants of this planet have bounded together to create such an opportunity, that we can all just put the past behind from one specific day only, and leave it there.

Which is why anyone who says new year resolutions and attitudes are stupid is foolish to reject such a gift as rejuvenation on life itself, no strings attached, no conditions applied. A full pardon regardless of all the barriers that separate the world every other day of the year. I pity the man who cannot see the blessing in a new year and I pray that when he speaks, you do not listen. Do not be robbed of this gift. Do not be told that it is imaginary and an ideal perpetuated to make people believe that they can start over; that it is unrealistic and impossible to start over in this life while you are still living it. The world we live in today already gives us so few gifts, why should we reject it?




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