8:52 AM

She’s the type to love few but love right

with a strength so magnificent it takes your breath away and simultaneously gives you life

Her heart is a wild animal and you are her only ally.

Her soul is a flambeau so powerful that it can start wildfires that will travel on for miles

but for you, it will light up your midnight sky.

She is a spirit that cannot be contained; she will come and go as she please

but she is a spirit that is tried and true; once she sets her mind to stay, she will never leave.

She is a fortress to anyone who requires safety and a storm with a force to be reckoned with for the unwanted vessels that try to breach her shores

She is light to the lost travelers who are seeking some guidance, and darkness to those who just want to rest assured

She is kind and caring with a heart as pure as gold

but she is fierce and confident and stronger than anyone you will ever know

She is rare but she is beautiful

with a beauty that transpires from within and radiates throughout every angle

She’s the type to hold your heart deep within her bosom, cradled in her soul

in a much safer place than she will ever hold her own.

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