Letter to the Lovers

Don’t let her mind wander

Yes I know, she always makes up these crazy scenarios and you’re tired of having to convince her over and over again that those scenarios are the furthest thing from reality and you’ll never hurt her. But these scenarios aren’t just because she thinks you’ll hurt her. Maybe she knows in her heart, deep down, you won’t. But there was a time she felt that way about another; maybe more than just another. And he tore and ripped and bruised and spat on and crushed and ruined every ounce of trust and love; he betrayed her so much that these scenarios are her way of being more prepared for the hurt that her mind keeps telling her will inevitably come again, that her heart is saying “girl don’t be fooled like the last time; if you were more careful the last time, maybe you and I wouldn’t have been broken”. I know you think it’s not your fault and you’re right. It’s not your fault sweetheart, but she’s your girl. She’s your love, she’s your life and if you love her and wanna treat her right you’ll wipe away every tear and try your best to keep that smile. She knows that you won’t hurt her but she’s scared. Can’t you see that? Can’t you see that what’s maybe far-fetched and delusional to you is something that can be so real for her? Can’t you see the terror in her eyes because she doesn’t know how well she can survive another stab, another shot in the dark? Can’t you see she’s cowering behind this tough image when all she wants to do is know that she’s safe with you? You see every time you let her mind race off to that dark place, that unknown place, she’s gonna scare herself to the point of running, scare herself to the point of hiding and waiting for the betrayal. If you want her to feel secure again, you have to prove to her that you’re not like those other idiot boys who pretended to be big men all the while playing childish games with her vulnerable and caring heart. You have to hold her in your arms and caress her with truths that will show her that those from the past don’t define her future; that there was nothing wrong with her, that she doesn’t turn them all into vicious monsters, that she is loved and can be loved and will be loved and only villains will take evil and coat it in affection. You have to comfort her so that she knows that what she has with you is real, and worthy of her trust and love. You have to make her feel like she can tear down those walls and loosen the chains that she bound herself in. It might take many nights of saying the same thing over again, but one day it’ll stick, and when it does, it’ll be worth it to see her love unfold to its truest potential, to see the magnificent wings of her love emerge and soar..

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