Don’t play with her

There’s a feeling that encapsulates your core when you’re distracted

It creeps up behind you and before you know it,

Boo! Your heart is pulsing; racing

Emotions are flooding your head;

Your veins; your blood absorbing the darkest of your fears

Your secrets, your nightmares

You breathe while you still have breath,

It’s more of a gasp

You cling, you clutch to the safest, soundest hope

Something to silence the chaos taking over your soul

You can feel the seams tearing

As ancient and modern wounds reopen

You squeeze them together, as your hands try to imitate glue

Blood seeping through the spaces of your fingers

But it shouldn’t be blood

No, that’s the space for magic, for love, for you

Every moment increases the pain, the suspicion

Tick. Tock.

The clock hands make a full cycle back in time

Where a vulnerable girl became a broken girl with broken hopes,

Broken dreams, broken trust

She breathes. And breathes.

She closes her eyes to the torment brewing inside

The storm is suddenly abated

She won this round

She resumes her daily activity, as though never interrupted

And you, you remain in the dark, unaware of yet another secret, another battle, another day…


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