A Frank Ocean kinda night

“Do you not think so far ahead? Cause I’ve been thinking about forever”….

An Ocean of thoughts flood my mind as I lie here wrapped up in your arms

And if I’m being Frank with you, I’ll tell you right now that I don’t think it could get any better

Than this, than this moment. I want to think that we’ve peaked but somehow

with every breath and every second that passes I feel as though we’re climbing, and rising;

Soaring higher than cloud nine

I wonder if you’re thinking about me too

If you’re wondering if I’m cute

Is your mind dazing off on some lyric from some R&B song that perfectly describes in every sentence where we are right now, me and you

Almost as though it was written for us, made for this moment

A song that could never be tired, never get old

One that resides in my soul and in my spirit

I close my eyes as an instrumental takes me away, but I’m still thinking ’bout you

….Do you think about me still?


Inspired by Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You”

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