Nothing’s scarier than the jump, the fall, the leap, the step…whatever you want to call it. Nothing is scarier than the risk, than the chance. It’s the unknown. It scares you so much to the point where you’re afraid to move; you’re frozen. We panic when we don’t know. Waiting to find out how you did after an exam feels worse than knowing your result, bad or good. Swimming with your eyes open feels so much better than diving and not knowing how deep you’re going or how far you’ve reached. You’re more in control if you know. We’re afraid of the future because we don’t know what it holds. We tend to envy those who have an idea or a plan. Those who know. Those who are in control. But someone told me this week that just because someone has a plan, doesn’t mean they’re happy. The unknown is scary but maybe it’s not a bad fear. Maybe it’s nice to have a clean page and a pencil. You can sketch and draw whatever you like. Perhaps it might be scarier to stare at a charcoal covered piece of paper, praying to find some room to move, to step, to leap, to jump. It’s scary yes to not know what is your next move or where will the next step in your journey take you, whatever that step may be, but it must be horrifying to have your life so figured out that you can’t make a step different, that you become stuck. So when you feel a little down because everyone around seems to have it all figured out, just remember that that doesn’t guarantee that they will be happy later down the road and you will be miserable. You might be a little late to the party, but you’ll reach; you’re just at another party right now: the unknown.


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