Jewelry box

You know those knots your jewelry gets every now and then cause it’s been put down haphazardly in a box

You know the weird satisfaction you get when you finally untangle it because you were trying so desperately for about five minutes, being careful not to end up ruining your favourite necklace 

And then you put it on and you completely forget in less then 30 seconds how tangled up that chain was and every single time you nearly put it back in the box because you were frustrated or you figured it was time to count your losses cause you were never gonna get it loose

In life you risk the chance of coming across these special types of bonds, similar to you and your necklace that you refused to give up on

And if you’re lucky enough, you meet people who sit and sit and stand and sit, trying to untangle you and who refuse to put you back in the box

Despite how often your links jam or twist like they’re about to snap; regardless of the million times one unraveling led to a hundred more knots and much tighter ones too; they just don’t put you down 

And sometimes, you come across necklaces of your own, maybe a precious bracelet and you’re faced with the choice of switching it out for another maybe not as great piece of jewelry but at least one with no knots, or sitting and sitting and standing and sitting trying to loosen the knots because you think this piece of jewelry deserves its day in the sun

Sometimes you might be a necklace, with knots of your own, alongside other pieces of jewelry all tied up and knotted up, and all you can do is be there for them because you’re both in the same mess but it’s better to have a friend than to withstand anything alone

Regardless of the scenario, it’s key to note that whether you’re the one being untangled, the one doing the untangling or the friend patiently waiting with your equally knotted up friend for your moment of freedom, we all have a part to play in every single scenario. We’re all important to each other and we all need each other to get our knots out so that we can all be the precious jewels we are


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