Natural Love

Look at me. Stare deep into my eyes.

Don’t break your gaze.

Look at me and tell me that you don’t feel the moon drawing nearer and the stars ablaze

In your heart as the darkness inside of you, the darkness you knew, the darkness you grew as a defense

Fades away as a sparkle, a glimmer grows into a roaring flame,

Consuming with remorse every trickle of pain

Tell me you don’t feel gravity failing as you begin to rise effortlessly

Like a balloon floating away past the skies unto infinity

Look into my eyes, stare into my soul. Open your heart and be true to the panic inside of you 

The uprising of emotions that you thought were long gone, that you believed you could not feel anymore

Until that moment our friendship began, and you let me into your life and unconsciously into your soul

Tell me you don’t feel the same way, tell me that the story hidden in your eyes is a fairytale…

But you can’t tell me, because as we stand here and you look into my eyes and lock my gaze…

Everything has changed


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