Perfumed woman

She is a breath of fresh air

Yet intoxicating at the same time

She’s good for you in that one whiff of her would clear your senses; you can breathe freely. You can smell the beauty in daisies and the wonder of life

But she’s addictive. Once you’ve experienced her, once you’ve gotten that taste, it’ll never leave your mouth, your soul… your mind

She’s not for the weak. No. She’s for the strong, the mighty, those capable of enduring her power and strength. 

She’s not meant to be suppressed

She’s meant to be enhanced, empowered. Not used for her gifts but admired for the magic within

She cannot be compared to a rose or any common sweet smelling fragrance for she is more divine and more unique

She is the kind of fragrance that lingers and stains every memory, every dream


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