So tonight I decided I’ll get up close and personal with you. I’ll talk to you about me. Just like most girls, I’ve struggled with my appearance. Just this week, I broke down and admitted to my s/o that I don’t like aspects of myself and I haven’t been comfortable in my skin for a long time. I’ve had so many people come up and tell me I radiate confidence… my problem was, and is, that I don’t absorb it. I told him that it’s frustrating to be the type of girl with a personality that’s okay with not getting dressed up if I don’t feel like it and wearing whatever without focusing on the little punch I may have when I relax instead of suck in, in a world that pressures me to wax on time and wear clothes that don’t show my little belly, make sure my hair is neat and my nails are done. It was never an issue where I wasn’t happy within my own skin but rather feeling punished for not always wanting to be prim, trim and proper. I’m still struggling and everyday I try to put on that confidence and step out. It’s hard when you’re out there minding your own business and someone, not even a stranger but someone you know, comments negatively on something you didn’t even notice. And then, you lose your confidence as now your focus is drawn to that thing that was invisible to you all the time before but apparently is a problem if someone had to mention it. Yes I know what you’re thinking and saying. People will always comment. Don’t let them dictate your pace. Be your own person. It’s harder done than said. A lot of people gain insecurities because of these endless comments and teases and remarks. You could have been a confident, don’t give a damn person, and deep down maybe you still are, but someone or some people just kept bringing up the same sh*t over and over that soon you start questioning it, then believing it. I know I’m gonna be giving advice that I don’t yet know how to take, but maybe that’ll be some encouragement cause we’re both going on this journey together. Please don’t listen to them. Learn to filter out helpful advice that will benefit YOU from personal opinion that you don’t really need to listen to. Love your skin and improve on yourself not out of revenge for someone who screwed you over or to impress anyone. Upgrade because you owe it to yourself to always be the best version of yourself. Embrace who you are both inside and out, with makeup and without makeup, after abs class and after a buffet. If you want to make a little change, do it because YOU want to. Sit down. Think it over and over and over. And if this change you want to make is for your benefit, then by all means. Love yourself from the moment you wake up to the moment you get all glammed up for a night out, and even when you come home and strip it all off again. People will talk, and they aren’t going to be all haters. Be a filter and know what you need and what isn’t for you. Small minded people can only see things through a peephole but who you are, your insides and out, your beauty and strength cannot be minimized. Pity those people who esteem beauty as one specific way; there’s a whole world of beauty they will never see. At the end of the day, it is important to know that you cannot be truly happy until you learn to love yourself… let’s now go try and be happy 💕


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