Through my eyes

I’ve seen the world only through my own eyes, the same way I see you

And I know that there is no world without you

I see colours in the moon and magic in the sun 

Hope in stars and power in the ocean

I see sunsets and sunrises as beautiful beginnings and happy endings

That inspire fairytales for little girls to endulge in

I see works of art in buildings and museums and I think to myself of the inner child in the designers

With their molding clay and tiny brushes stroking and kneading into canvas and architecture

I see you with your bushy eyebrows and your crooked smile as the most beautiful thing of all

I can count every scar on your body and trace them all

And it would still amaze me how creatively you were assembled

And how every blunder, every mistake, was so uniquely executed, perfection is the only word suitable for description

I see the world and I look at you, and you go together with such symmetry

A world with no you is one I refuse to perceive

As a world with no you, would lose all its beauty


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